Smoke Alarm Annual Maintenance for 2022 compliant properties:

Brooks Alarms – Inc. Warranty for the life of the alarm
$69.00 per year

Alarms with 10 year lithium batteries – Replacement of defective alarms during warranty applies to most alarm Brands **
$79.00 per year

Alarms with replaceable 9v batteries – Annual battery replacement included.
$89.00 per year

**Some Branded alarms are considered a safety hazard. They will be tested but not removed or replaced

Corded Window Covering Pricing

Corded window covering compliance – Initial installation of required cord safety components and tags

Ongoing Annual Inspections – Includes replacement of damaged or missing safety components and tags
$10.00 pear year

Pool Safety Certificate

QBCC Pool inspection, Report and Safety Certificate – This includes inspections and reports between lease renewals.
$169.00 every 2 years

Meth Testing

This is very much a case of being proactive rather than reactive

Initial “Base Line” test is completed between existing tenants vacating and new tenants taking up residence. Photographic images are taken at every stage, reports compiled and forwarded to you, the agent.  


** Should contamination be detected, we will inform and advise you of what is required.